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Hot springs

Soak up history, admire the glorious views. Hanamaki is a hot spring paradise

Surrounded by old-world flavor and passion

There are 10 attractive hot springs along gorges in the Ou mountain range in Hanamaki. They vary in size from one of the largest and most comfortable hotels in Tohoku to an old small inn with a rustic atmosphere used historically as a health retreat. Each of them has their own distinctive mood. Some have unique baths, such as an outdoor bath by a river or a deep bath that people have to stand in. In addition, seasonal changes in the scenery around the hot spring area in Iwate Prefectural Nature Park are something you shouldn’t miss. We recommend you come and bathe in a hot spring with your family, friends or by yourself. The hot springs in Hanamaki always welcome you warmly.

Hanamaki Onsen

In addition to being situated in an area surrounded by abundant natural scenery and having four hotels/ryokan, Hanamaki Onsen also has great cafes and one of the best rose gardens in Northern Japan. If you spend the night, you can enjoy the various baths available at three of the local hotels.
A hot spring resort located just five minutes from the Hanamaki Interchange.

Hanamaki Onsen General Reservation Center
(Kashoen, Hotel Senshukaku, Hotel Hanamaki,Hotel Koyokan)

Dai Onsen

This hot spring, said to have been discovered 1200 years ago, is rich in history. It has several hot spring hotels, hotels with kitchenettes, and day baths. It is a rustic hot spring town, nestled in the mountains, and full of charm.

Dai Onsen Hotel Information Center

Matsukura Onsen

Our inn adds the warm hospitality and simplicity typical of Hanamaki Onsen with the elegance of a Japanese ryokan, and is highly regarded by our guests. Our hot spring is 100% natural spring water, which will refresh both your body and mind.

Harukanoyu Kazenotoki Inc. Garden Resort

Watari Onsen

Hotel Satsuki offers large out-door baths, saunas, and jet baths. Our detached inn, Bettei Kaede, has a jade bath, Aomori cypress wood bath, as well as baths which can be reserved for private groups. Watari Onsen, nestled in a quiet location, has two buildings for overnight accommodations, and has many repeat customers.

Watari Onsen Reservation Center

Shidotaira Onsen

At Hotel Shidotaira, you can enjoy 20 different varieties of bath, such as our 25-meter large bath, cypress wood baths, outdoor baths with mountain valley views, as well as baths you can rent out just four family to enjoy. You can sample our baths to your heart’s content!

Yunomori Hotel Shidotaira Reservation Center
Yusen Shidate

Osawa Onsen

Osawa Onsen has three inns: Kikusuikan, with its nostalgic air of times gone by, Sansuikaku, with its contemporary, pure Japanese aesthetic, and Tojiya, rustic and old fashioned. Our famous Osawa-no-yu open-air bath faces the river and allows for mixed bathing for men and women.

Osawa Onsen

Yamanokami Onsen

Our popular hot spring is 100% natural spring water, made soft and silky on the skin due to its high content of natural mineral deposits. You can enjoy looking at our mountain stream while submerged in the hot water of our large outdoor bath. We also recommend our spacious indoor bath with its high ceiling.

Yamanokami Onsen • Yukaen

Shinnamari Onsen

Our inn boasts 3 large baths and 17 smaller ones where you can delight your senses as you try each one. We also offer unique pleasures such a chance to stroll in our nature garden and watch local performing arts.

Shinnamari Onsen • Musubi-no-Yado • Airinkan
Tel.0198-25-2619 (Reservation Center Open 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM)

Namari Onsen

Our most famous attraction is our Shirozaru-no-yu (“White Monkey Bath”) with a depth of 1.25 meters. Entering the bath, you can let your whole body be massaged by the water jets, promoting blood flow and rejuvenating your circulatory system. Also, all of our baths are 100% natural hot spring water.

Namari Onsen • Fujisanryokan

Kanaya Onsen

A hot spring neighboring wide open lawns and golf courses. In addition to large indoor baths, there are also outdoor baths from which you can enjoy looking at beautiful natural scenery.

Hotel Ginga Park Hanamaki

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